ARK’s gastronomy is signed by the exceptional Yannis Baxevanis, one of the most distinguished Greek chefs with numerous awards in Greece (Golden Chef’s Hats), named “Chef of the Year” at the competition of status magazine and “Chef of the Future” by the International Academy of Gastronomy.

Daily we aim to bring on your plate carefully selected ingredients from all over Greece. Ark has had the honor and pleasure of being among the best 34 best restaurants in Greece, obtaining the Creek Cuisine Award for 6 years, from 2016 until present and providing once more the high quality of the service offered to our quests. The Golden Chef’s Hats are awarded each year to restaurants offering contemporary and traditional Greek Cuisine which are marked 14/20 and above. The criteria taken in consideration for the grading include the quality of ingredients, the chef’s technical expertise, the harmony of the flavors and also the overall impression given by the composition of the different elements.

We are proud to have obtained this distinction, as the ARK team under the management of our chefs Antoni’s Zeridis and Zacharopoulos Dionisis always under the supervision of our chef Yiannis Baxevanis aims at offering our quests the best experience through high quality Greek products.

Attic Urban Rooftop

‘Attic is located in the heart of Athens on a terrace overlooking the Acropolis, Lycabettus and almost all of Attica.

At ‘Attic you can enjoy your coffee and brunch in the morning, in the afternoon with an aperitif to swing watching the sunset, and in the evening to dine or indulge in the rhythms of music with a signature’ Attic Cocktail with the Acropolis in the background.

Athens Museum

The first exhibition space, on the Museum’s ground floor, contains finds from the Acropolis slopes. Representing an integral part of the Rock's topography and history, the slopes hosted small and large sanctuaries, old and new cults, theatrical and musical venues and, further downslope, private residences.

The gallery’s upward sloping floor reflects the nature of the path that someone in antiquity would have followed as they ascended the Acropolis Rock, while glass panels in the floor allow Museum visitors to enjoy a visual connection with the archaeological excavation exhibited just below.


Piraeus has a long recorded history, dating to ancient Greece. The city was largely developed in the early 5th century BC, when it was selected to serve as the port city of classical Athens and was transformed into a prototype harbour, concentrating all the import and transit trade of Athens.

Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world. In the second half of the fifth century bc, Athens, following the victory against the Persians and the establishment of democracy, took a leading position amongst the other city-states of the ancient world. In the age that followed, as thought and art flourished, an exceptional group of artists put into effect the ambitious plans of Athenian statesman Pericles and, under the inspired guidance of the sculptor Pheidias, transformed the rocky hill into a unique monument of thought and the arts. The most important monuments were built during that time: the Parthenon, built by Ictinus, the Erechtheon, the Propylaea, the monumental entrance to the Acropolis, designed by Mnesicles and the small temple Athena Nike.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

A public space, where everyone has free access and can participate in a multitude of cultural, educational, athletic, environmental and recreational activities and events. It includes the Greek National Opera, the National Library of Greece as well as the Stavros Niarchos Park, one of the largest green areas in Athens, covering 21 hectares. The SNFCC was created thanks to an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which delivered it to the Greek State upon completion. SNFCC Single Member S.A. is a public-benefit nonprofit organization responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and the Stavros Niarchos Park while developing and organizing its own series of cultural, educational, environmental and sports activities. It is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Finance.

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